Harvest Time is a Very Good Time

Wow, I can’t believe it! After 23 straight days of harvesting, I’m almost done with both gardens. It has been a lot more effort than I imagined to get all those beautiful flowers out of the field and ready for processing.

I really couldn’t have done it all without the help I got from friends and family. The community of people in my life really came out and helped, and they did it all for the love of the hemp.

I am very happy and proud of the quality of the hemp flower that gotten taken out. As an inexperienced hemp user, I have been pleasantly surprised how great it is to have hemp flower in my life. The Suver Haze is and Lifter are just so nice to smoke, and cbd has really helped me with the harvesting.

Most of the growing was a solitary experience. And I have limited experience as a team leader. Cbd and hemp flower helped me to stay calmer and more relaxed during the 8-10 hour days of hard work I did by myself and with the helpers that I had. Everyone seemed to enjoy a little hemp at the end of the day.

I invited a couple of young friends from Arizona to help me out the first week. We cut nearly 1400 tops for drying and also cut other large branches. They were good workers, but had no experience with cannabis. So, it took a lot of learning and patience to get the flowers delicately handled and processed.

After the first week, it was mostly family and my friend Max that helped. My friend Michelle was also around for 3 weekends, and she really rocked it out in the field!

I personally did a awful lot of the work. And, it was work. Rain, sunshine, and cool temperatures made the work a little more difficult. But after 3 weeks of hard work, I feel much stronger. Not to mention way happy to have so much inventory ready to go.

I only dried about the best 10% of the harvest for hemp flower. The rest is being processed by myself into a few different products including Bubble Hash, and Live Rosin for vape pens.

I plan on opening a small retail store in Eau Claire in about a month. I would like to sell only Wisconsin produced products from growers like myself that use the highest growing standards possible. My company will be Wisconsin Hemp Flower and CBD Dispensary (wisconsinhempflower.com). I really believe I did everything I could to produce a product that meets my own high standards. I think my hemp is really good!


6 Comments on “Harvest Time is a Very Good Time

  1. Hey Luke! This is Pfabber from HempBudForum, feel free to contact me at this email when you are ready to get some reviews up on the site. Also, do you have an Instagram acct? We do a lot of promoting on there, so if not I think it would be very beneficial for you for getting the word out about your harvest. Looks like you’ve been through a lot, but the work is still ongoing- time to make some sales! Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers,David Mano (pfabber)

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  2. hey man, it’s been cool following your blog. how do the 2 strains differ in effects when smoked/vaped? i’m looking for something more energetic. what are your prices?

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    • I find the effects very similar. Neither is real indica. Its still easy to function and get stuff done. Flower is $100/oz plus $10 shipping. Payments are accepted via paypal. Contact me at lwheidt @ gmail .com


  3. Hey. Congratulations on your first successful harvest. Its been nice seeing it all unfold and what the outcome was.


  4. I’m living vicariously through you Luke. I’m impressed with your hard work and the fruits of your labor. I recieved an oz of your Lifter yesterday. It’s the best hemp I’ve ever seen and consumed. The smell is incredible and the effects are the best I’ve experienced. This strain has had the most noticeable affect on nuero-muscular and joint pain from smoking flower I’ve experienced, not to mention the mental health effects. I usually vape hemp flower because there is usually a certain harshness specific to hemp when smoked…but your flower has none of that lingering harshness and is a pleasure to smoke. It really made my day yesterday experiencing your hemp. What a magic plant we have.

    All the best with your endeavors. You’re living my dream!


    • Thank you so much for all the kindness! Glad you got some Lifter. I have some more products coming that will be of very good quality


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