Hemp Bud Forum Reviews My Flowers

I got my second review a few days ago, and I want to post it. It is great to share my flowers and get such positive feedback.

Hemp Bud Forum really liked my flowers!!


Wisconsin Hemp Bud CBD
Greetings HBF friends, welcome back to our cozy hemp abode. Today we will be reviewing Suver Haze from Wisconsin Hemp Flower. For those of you that don’t know, this company is owned by Hemp Bud Forum member Luke Heidt. He is the writer behind Luke’s Hemp, chronicling his journey during Wisconsin’s Grower Pilot Program. It is an excellent read for anyone aspiring to get in the field (haha, yes pun intended) and offers some insight into the whole process. Now let’s take a look at this lovely flower.

These tasty nuggets of cannabis sativa have a great cure on them. Thanks to a top notch trim job, the skunky aromas of this hemp flower are very loud. These organically grown flowers shimmer and shine because they are loaded with trichomes. Very sticky buds, a few of them stuck to my fingers as I rolled my first joint.

I usually consume my hemp flower in a dry herb vaporizer but for this strain I chose to blaze it up. The nugs were so sticky and pungent I believed a fat joint was in order. A very smooth and pleasant smoking experience occurred and I became relaxed. The cannabinoids along with skunky terpenes created a blissful entourage.

Price Vs Value
Wisconsin Hemp Flower has a price point of $40 per quarter ounce. What a lovely deal compared to some vendors who charge more than that for an 8th of an ounce. For those that like to do extractions WHF has a deal where you can get popcorn buds and trim for $100 per ounce. Great value for organic hand trimmed craft cannabis.

I love this batch of freshly harvested hemp flower. They did a very nice job considering it was done on a smaller scale production wise. There were 2 small batches harvested so I urge readers to go and give them a try. I was not dissapointed and I am willing to bet that you won’t be either. Thanks for joining us today, until next time PLUR

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