Pretty Much Done For the Year in the Gardens

I got a lot done in the last couple of weeks, and today was kind of a milestone in my garden journey. Things are pretty much done for the year in the gardens.

In order to finish up the little garden with the big plants, I needed to remove as much biomass as I could for processing, mow the plants down with a brush hog attachment on a tractor, and pull up the black plastic mulch.

In the big field with the smaller plants, I did manage to get almost all the good flowers out and dried. I had been taking all the good flowers that I didn’t have room for drying and freezing them for future bubble hash processing.

In the garden with the big plants, I didn’t have time to get all the good flowers out for freezing. But, luckily for me, the plants dried up in the frosty dry October weather, and I was able to get a lot more biomass. This biomass is not for smoking or making bubble hash. I will be working with another Wisconsin processor to make this material into CBD oil for future products that I will be making to help people.

Getting out the biomass was pretty exciting, because I had given up on that material due to the weather. I had been disappointed in not being able to get everything out of the fields. But, after removing the biomass, frozen flowers, and good smokeable flower, I really feel like I got nearly everything out of the fields.


I had at different times of the year been worried about getting too little or even too much material out. Hemp farming isn’t as easy to plan for as other crops. I was there for all of the processing so far. I have had help on many days but not all. This hemp stuff is hard work, dusty work, and not as glamorous as it may appear. I am glad I got into it, but it was more work than I expected.

But, it is satisfying work. At the end of the day, I know I did my best to produce an actual product of high quality that people like. The best flowers are really good. My friends and I have really enjoyed them.

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