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2019 was a hard year for hemp farmers Part one

It has been a long time since I posted anything on here. I feel very lucky to have a socially distanced job growing plants that keeps my busy and makes me happy. In 2018, I began this blog and farming with the simple goal… Continue Reading “2019 was a hard year for hemp farmers Part one”

Another Year is Right Around the Corner, Early Mistakes in 2019, Goals for 2020

Winter is the time for contemplating what the heck happened last year, digesting that information, and buying seeds to do it all again. For me the best part of hemp farming and gardening has always been the growing of the plants from seed. It… Continue Reading “Another Year is Right Around the Corner, Early Mistakes in 2019, Goals for 2020”

Spring is Here Again

This winter was long and cold. And it was very snowy, so I have been looking forward to spring more than any other year I can remember. The winter is nice for planning, but the time for doing is much more exciting. So far… Continue Reading “Spring is Here Again”

Regenerative Agriculture, Probiotic Farming, and Seed Starting

This is my main field for this year. After a beautiful snowy winter, spring approaches quickly. This winter I have spent a lot of my time thinking, planning, and waiting for signs of spring to come. And now the signs are here in abundance.… Continue Reading “Regenerative Agriculture, Probiotic Farming, and Seed Starting”

Been Getting Excited About Next Year

There has been a lot to think about and consider after my first year of hemp farming. If I could have done things differently and accurately predicted the future, I would have done a lot better financially. But, the best I can do right… Continue Reading “Been Getting Excited About Next Year”

Pretty Much Done For the Year in the Gardens

I got a lot done in the last couple of weeks, and today was kind of a milestone in my garden journey. Things are pretty much done for the year in the gardens. In order to finish up the little garden with the big… Continue Reading “Pretty Much Done For the Year in the Gardens”

Hemp Bud Forum Reviews My Flowers

I got my second review a few days ago, and I want to post it. It is great to share my flowers and get such positive feedback. Hemp Bud Forum really liked my flowers!! Wisconsin Hemp Bud CBD Greetings HBF friends, welcome back to… Continue Reading “Hemp Bud Forum Reviews My Flowers”

MJGeeks reviewed my Hemp Flowers

Here is the text of my review of my hemp from check out the full review here complete with full color and very nice pictures. Lifter and Suver Haze from Posted on October 12, 2018 by Bud J suver-haze-01 Today, I’m… Continue Reading “MJGeeks reviewed my Hemp Flowers” is Now Open and Accepting Orders for my Hemp Flowers

I just setup my basic website for sales and I look forward to people being able to purchase my hemp flower. I am currently hand trimming all orders. So, I am super busy… I have sent out a sample to and will be… Continue Reading “ is Now Open and Accepting Orders for my Hemp Flowers”

Harvest Time is a Very Good Time

Wow, I can’t believe it! After 23 straight days of harvesting, I’m almost done with both gardens. It has been a lot more effort than I imagined to get all those beautiful flowers out of the field and ready for processing. I really couldn’t… Continue Reading “Harvest Time is a Very Good Time”