Wisconsinhempflower.com is Now Open and Accepting Orders for my Hemp Flowers

I just setup my basic website for sales and I look forward to people being able to purchase my hemp flower. I am currently hand trimming all orders. So, I am super busy…

I have sent out a sample to Mjgeeks.com and will be sending out a sample to Hempbudforum.com

I hope they like my flowers.

Check out my website wisconsinhempflower.com and I look forward to seeing some orders


Harvest Time is a Very Good Time

Wow, I can’t believe it! After 23 straight days of harvesting, I’m almost done with both gardens. It has been a lot more effort than I imagined to get all those beautiful flowers out of the field and ready for processing.

I really couldn’t have done it all without the help I got from friends and family. The community of people in my life really came out and helped, and they did it all for the love of the hemp.

I am very happy and proud of the quality of the hemp flower that gotten taken out. As an inexperienced hemp user, I have been pleasantly surprised how great it is to have hemp flower in my life. The Suver Haze is and Lifter are just so nice to smoke, and cbd has really helped me with the harvesting.

Most of the growing was a solitary experience. And I have limited experience as a team leader. Cbd and hemp flower helped me to stay calmer and more relaxed during the 8-10 hour days of hard work I did by myself and with the helpers that I had. Everyone seemed to enjoy a little hemp at the end of the day.

I invited a couple of young friends from Arizona to help me out the first week. We cut nearly 1400 tops for drying and also cut other large branches. They were good workers, but had no experience with cannabis. So, it took a lot of learning and patience to get the flowers delicately handled and processed.

After the first week, it was mostly family and my friend Max that helped. My friend Michelle was also around for 3 weekends, and she really rocked it out in the field!

I personally did a awful lot of the work. And, it was work. Rain, sunshine, and cool temperatures made the work a little more difficult. But after 3 weeks of hard work, I feel much stronger. Not to mention way happy to have so much inventory ready to go.

I only dried about the best 10% of the harvest for hemp flower. The rest is being processed by myself into a few different products including Bubble Hash, and Live Rosin for vape pens.

I plan on opening a small retail store in Eau Claire in about a month. I would like to sell only Wisconsin produced products from growers like myself that use the highest growing standards possible. My company will be Wisconsin Hemp Flower and CBD Dispensary (wisconsinhempflower.com). I really believe I did everything I could to produce a product that meets my own high standards. I think my hemp is really good!


Harvest is Coming!! My Hemp is Fit For Commerce

It’s been a crazy busy time for me. The dry times have ended and we got 7 inches of rain the last two weeks. The plants have been surprisingly happy and are just about to be harvested. Sunday, September 9th is the first day I’ll have my small crew together. David and Zach are young friends from Arizona on their way up to help with harvest. I also have hope to have some help from other friends and family. It will be fun at to get my trim camp going.

Two weeks ago my fields were tested, and they passed THC compliance testing and I was issued my fit for commerce certificates. That feels really good! Oregon CBD Seeds really got me some good seeds, and I couldn’t have gotten here without them. I’ve heard some stories about other people’s hemp being “hot” or too high in THC, having tons of hermies and males, or just not finishing in our climate. My plants are legal, ripe, and I only had 2 out of 2100 not be true females. I had one male and one hermie.

Before we get harvesting and drying, I’ve been preparing processing space and trying to navigate into the world of commerce. I have a long time friend, Max, who is helping getting us started on a business plan to share this hemp with the world. I setup a Facebook page, “Wisconsin Hemp Flower and CBD Dispensary” and have been looking at retail space. Check me out on there if you want to follow my business as it grows.


In order to get ready for processing, I had to renovate our family farm’s Milk House and barn to get ready. The milk house got the works. I tiled it, patched it, painted it, got a window in, and electric put back in. It’s now a really nice space for us to work in and just got completed yesterday. The drying room is under construction. Concrete is being poured today and walls are going up on Sunday, if possible.

Anybody involved in cannabis knows growing just part of the process. Harvesting,drying, and processing is still half the work. Luckily, I am ready to hit the ground running.

Last weekend, we had a garden party at the Garden. It was really nice to enjoy the plants and do a little preharvest deleafing to make the airflow better for all the pretty buds.

The Suver Haze just looks great. About 1/3 are fully ripe and ready to go. The rest are getting close The tops will be removed, lightly trimmed and dried for the hemp flower market. In about two weeks, I should have a lot of inventory ready to go. All in all, I hope to be mostly done harvesting by the end of the month.

The big field is finally looking like I hoped it would. The plants are smaller but solid and nice. Some of the plant did amazing considering they were never watered or fertilized and are just growing in homemade compost with a little lime.


I feel really blessed to have completed the growing process and to be moving on the next stages! I wish I had more time to post, and I look forward to a page of budshots!

Plants Are Starting to Flower/ Tale of Two Gardens

It has been a learning experience growing hemp. Having two fields has given me a chance to experiment and see how two different fields respond to becoming farm land again. Also, it has been humbling to need rain and to see plants dry and thirsty. It has also been satisfying to get rain when we really needed it. Growing hemp has been a really good part of my life.

The good news is that the garden is doing great. It has access to water, deeper soil, and had more organic material added to it in the spring. In addition to these benefits, it has also received more rain at critical moments this year. The plants in the garden are mostly 4-6 feet tall. The were suffering from being do dry in July, but I was able to lightly water and after the most recent rains, they are looking great. All the plants in the garden are Suver Haze from Oregon CBD Seeds. They are just starting to flower. I expect them to finish some time in late September.

My big field is not looking so good. This site is larger, but the plants are much smaller. They had a smaller amount of compost added to them and no turkey manure, and they have consistently gotten a little less rain than they needed for the last couple months. The plants in the big field never really had the vigor and vitality that was present in the garden. Also, this field didn’t have access to water. A small amount of water at the right time would have really increased the yield in the field. The plants in the big field are also just starting to flower.

If I had to guess, I would say that the garden will yield as much or possibly much more flower material than the big field. Surely, there is a lesson in this conclusion that I hope I don’t have to learn twice. If I would have added three times as much compost to 1/3 of the big field, I might have yielded as much or more than having the whole field lightly composted. And, it would have been easier to maintain. High cbd hemp is a heavy feeder and wants a lot of nutrients and water to reach optimal growth.

It has been difficult seeing one garden do so well and another just doing ok. June and July were dry months and our sandy soils just don’t have enough life in them to thrive in dry years. In the future, I really would like to have water access for all my hemp gardens.


Things are growing pretty well right now

It’s been about three weeks since I lasted posted, and I can’t believe how quickly things have grown in the garden. Looking back at the pictures from last month, I can really see how much things are changing.

Its been a challenging three weeks. Early in June, we got nearly 5 inches of rain. Both the garden and the big field really responded to the moisture and got growing. But, since then we have only gotten a few inches of rain total in the last month and are at near drought conditions.

The dry weather has really allowed me to see the differences in the plots. Both sites are very sandy and don’t hold much moisture. But, the garden holds a lot more moisture and has more fertility. Also the plants in the garden were planted about 10 days earlier and started about 10 days earlier than those in the field. They plants in the garden has really thrived even with the reduced moisture, but the unfortunately, I can see now that the big field needs more rain than we received to get the plants growing fast.

In the pictures, you can see that the garden looks great. Plants are generally waist high to five feet high with many branches and look good. The plants in the big field are still mostly around knee high and look are are considerably less lush.


The good news is that in the last 24 hours we have received over an inch of rain and I expect the growth rate to pick up on the field and explode in the garden.

I am just now starting to see the first plants about to transition to flowering. This is a critical time in the growth, so a good week will really help to boost them in early flowering.

I haven’t decided if I will take a bunch of clones, but now would be the time. I spent some time yesterday trying to find the best plants in the garden. I haven’t found one yet with incredible growth and a special terpene profile, if I find that I’ll keep her for next year. It’s been fun to smell a lot of plants and to take a look and see which ones stand out. The nicest plants are going to be huge!

compost pile for next year- this is where the magic happens!


Things are looking good

I can’t complain, things are looking too bright for that! Plants are in the ground and growing like weeds.

The big field is looking very nice. Nearly all of the 1400 transplants took and are regrowing. It was wet when I was planting and that really helped them take off. Growth slowed down after the first week and things dried out and were hot. Thankfully, we got nearly 3 inches of rain last night in a series of thunderstorms that rolled through western Wisconsin.

The value of a heavy rain is immense. It was just getting dry and growth was slowing down, and now, there is going to be an intense week or two of good growth. And, in two weeks these ladies are going to be huge! Also, it completely reduces my stress levels for awhile and gives me time to blog.

In the smaller garden, I added compost tea and nettle tea to the plants in 10 of the rows. I would like to continue to add compost tea about once a week for the rest of the season. It’s nice to take compost, nettles, organic unsulfured molasses and add an air stone to it in a 5 gallon bucket of water. The tea comes alive and bubbles and is full of good things that feed the soil.

In addition to compost tea made from my parent’s compost, I am using local nettles to make nettle tea. After reading about nettle tea online and noticing the absolute over abundance of nettles on the farm, I’ve been filling 5 gallon buckets of the stingy plant and then letting them sit covered in water for a few weeks. This stuff smells bad to most people. Ok, bad may not be strong enough. Its very strong! I’ve used this stuff a couple years and it really helps.

I added a few videos this time to show what’s going on out there and one silly one of me in the rain. This was right at the beginning of the storms and it made me feel good to see and smell some good rain coming down.

The first two videos are the garden and the last two are the field.

Quick update on the Garden

The garden was planted a few weeks ago and after a nice week of mild weather the plants are rocking! About 10-20% are still lagging behind, but the biggest plants are up to nearly a foot tall. It feels good to see them get ahead. I haven’t taken photos in a few days, but the growth is very nice.

I don’t expect these plant to turn into trees, but I do want to see them reach their potential. In about a week, I will start watering them with a mild compost tea and nettle tea. I want to give them natural boosts a few times a month and it should bump up their growth a little.